Activities at Shreeban

Things you can do while you are at Shreeban

As our resort is located far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, we are an ideal destination for anyone looking for a getaway in Nepal. We have all the elements that enhance your trip and stay with us and make it one of the best time of your life.

We have listed a few things that you can do with us:

Short Hiking at Shreeban

Short Hiking

An hour walk from the resort takes you to the top of the Siddha Baba Hill at 1,550 meters from where you will see a 360-degree stunning view of the surrounding. There are also many other short trails that will present you adventurous experiences. The tails are not so difficult and generally includes walk through villages and forested trail.

Bird Watching

The area is rich in avifauna. This place is home to some of the rare and unique birds; both native and seasonal, which comes from different part of the world. You can witness several birds including the famous Spiny Babblers.

Bird Watching at Shreeban
Ethnic Village Tour Nepal

Ethnic Village Tour

A short walk from the resort will take you to some of the fine villages of this area where you can interact with locals and see their lifestyle. All of these villages are resided by people who belong to different ethnic communities, yet they all have their own identity and live together in harmony participating in each other cultures and traditions. Talking about culture & tradition, this village will offer you a chance to experience several different norms, values, and festivals at the same time.

Yoga & Meditation

Another easy and comfortable way to get Shreeban Nature Camp is to take a private vehicle. Road from Kathmandu, Chitwan or Pokhara till Malekhu and Baireni is highway but then onwards it is curved gravel road along with difficult turnings so we highly recommend 4W drive.

Yoga at Shreeban
Shreeban Family Holiday

Family Holiday

Fastest way of get Shreeban Rock Climbing Nature Camp is by charter Helicopter.It is about 20 minute flight on helicopter from Kathmandu. For the pricing and reservatin of any other details please contact us or ask with your travel agency.

Upcoming activities in near future

Even though we are a village resort, we strive to upgrade the resort and our service as per the time. We always try our best to include new innovations and make your stay even more worth it with us either by including new product or possible fun outdoor activities.

Once French travels who are professionally paragliders stayed with us. They are surveying the entire region by paragliding. They paraglided from the Everest all the way to our resort and also flew in Pokhara for a few days. According to them, the place where our resort is located is one of the best places for paragliding in Nepal because of all the factors including thermal necessary to lift the glide. These indicate the possibility of Paragliding service in this area.

Likewise, there is a huge rock, which is perfect for rock climbing as per professional climbers. Moreover, around 50 people can climb together. This also increases the chance of rock climbing service in the near future.


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